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Assistance in the development of your business

Protection of your interests is the main principle of our Company. We provide with detailed information and wide range of solutions juridical matters in the sphere of civil and commercial law.

Accounting services

Our Company provides wide range of highly professional services in the sphere of accounting. Our specialists are competent in Ukrainian law, specific industry regulatory requirements relating to accounting and reporting at different entities. They are experienced in consulting companies, including foreign investment companies. We provide full financial reporting in compliance with Ukrainian law and international accounting standards.

  • Complex accounting and tax accounting of companies and self-employed persons

  • Accounting policy formation, organization of workflow, development of tax accounting registers and additional accounting registers

  • Restore credentials, settlement of accounts with tax authorities, preparation and submission of overdue reports

  • Services for self-employed persons

  • Distance accounting

  • Tax consulting

  • Services on accounting and financial outsourcing

Lawyer services

In situation of political instability and regular change of law a lawyer is required. Our work is based on trust and close cooperation. We analyse each case in detail and guarantee comprehensive approach to the situation. We provide detailed explanation and argumentation of further actions with clear plan of protecting Your interests. Complicated matters unlikely to be solved will be settled with competence. Protection of your interests is the main principle of our Company.